A deep clean

After two power washes, lots of buckets of soapy water and and an evening with cutting compound on the hull Midas is starting to look healthy again. 🙂


The big sort

It took a full week of evenings to empty Midas of all the gear on board. There was so much stuff!

heres a picture of the contents of one bag!


Getting her home

Luckily Midas was only an hour down the road. unluckily the trailer hadn’t been moved for quite some time. We got all the way to Selby (10 minutes away from home) Then Bang goes the tyre :(.
There was no way I was going to leave her for the night so I camped with her until I could get all the tyres changed the day after.

Stuck in Selby

We’ve bought a boat!

We’ve bought a boat!

Here’s the picture’s of Midas I spotted on eBay. We have been searching for a project boat for a while. This Albin Vega 27 caught our eye. After a bit of research into the make, and discovering that they have a great name for being a solid little off shore cruiser, we decided to get in contact with the owner. After a bit of drama from other bidders, the owner accepted our offer. Happy days …

eBay interior 1Bay interior 2eBay 2

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